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3 British Wedding Traditions We Love

Due to our colonial history, there are many wedding traditions we inherited from the British. Some we altered a bit (such as having the groom face the bride during her entrance rather than stand with his back turned to her), others we kept.  And some just never really caught on here in quite the same […]
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Beautiful Destination Weddings in the British Virgin Islands

Planning your destination wedding is an exciting time in your life. Unfortunately, it can also prove to be overwhelming and time consuming. One way to eliminate the stress is by getting married in the British Virgin Islands. Whether you’re looking to plan a simple ceremony or an ultra luxurious exotic getaway, the British Virgin Islands  […]
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Romance in the British Virgin Islands

Romance in the British Virgin Islands


When planning your honeymoon, romance is definitely on the agenda. And few places can beat the romance you can find in the British Virgin Islands. With year-round warm weather, and beautiful, serene settings, this unique destination has activities for every newlywed couple from simple to luxurious.

It sounds obvious but remember to fully appreciate your surroundings.  Share a meal on a beach.  Wade into the sea.  Rent a kayak and travel to another beach off the North Sound.  Whatever you do, take a deep breath together and completely de-stress from your wedding planning.

couple eating on beach in British Virgin Islands

If you like your memories with a side of adventure, make sure not to miss an opportunity to hike in Gorda Peak National Park or to the top of Sage Mountain.  They both offer lovely, once-in-a-lifetime views.  The next day, spend some time indulging in a spa treatment for two to work out all the kinks from your trip.  Many of the oceanfront hotels and resorts offer couples’ massages right on the sandy beaches.

couple in aqua waters in British Virgin Islands

Able to splurge on a little luxury?  One of the best ways to experience the islands is to charter a yacht for your own private tours. There are plenty of places to arrange this–just contact your hotel’s concierge.  Or, if you would prefer an aerial view take a helicopter ride at sunset to see all the beauty from above.

Start planning your British Virgin Islands honeymoon here!

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Things to Do on Your British Virgin Islands Honeymoon

Things to Do on Your British Virgin Islands Honeymoon

woman snorkeling by boulders in The Baths, British Virgin Islands

This tiny cluster of island just east of Puerto Rico is home to some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches and interesting dive sites. Make sure to take time out from your busy schedule of lazy poolside naps and sunset walks on the beach to explore everything these islands have to offer!

The Baths

Located on Virgin Gorda, this awe-inspiring collection of boulders sitting just on the coast of the bay is pretty amazing. Explore from the sand, or take a swim with snorkeling gear.  If you are interested in spending plenty of time in the water here, visit during the summer months when the weather is consistently better–when ocean swells are higher, you shouldn’t swim near The Baths.

Discover Dolphins

A popular item on many a bucket list is swimming with dolphins. In Tortola, you can head to Dolphin Discovery to live the dream.  You can stop by for just an hour or two or opt to spend the whole day and take a ferry ride around the bay.  Otherwise, there are many different tours and excursions to spot ocean wildlife in their natural habitat.

dive site where The Rhone sank off coast of British Virgin Islands

Rhone National Marine Park

The most popular dive site in the British Virgin Islands is undoubtedly the wreckage found at Rhone National Marine Park on Salt Island.  The RMS Rhone, carrying mail and supplies, crashed here in 1867 during a hurricane. Now, divers explore the wreckage, swimming around the iron hull (pictured above) or rubbing the reputedly “lucky porthole” for good luck.

Tortola’s West End

Visit the western end of Tortola to find cute shops, pretty marinas, and plenty of dining options.  From here you can also catch ferries going to the other islands.  There are also several resorts and hotel accommodations located in the “West End” and near Frenchmans Cay (across the water from the ferry terminal).

lush hike with large tree on Sage Mountain, British Virgin Islands

Sage Mountain

At 1716 feet tall, this trail leads you up to the highest point in both the British and US Virgin Islands. Hike through old growth forests, spotting amazing trees like the ones pictured above. Most of the trails lead in a circular route, so although you should always be prepared with a trail guide or map when traveling, your trails should be clearly marked.

We can help you plan all of your honeymoon here.

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