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Stylish Floral Wedding Invitations

For many modern brides, floral wedding invitations sound a bit too traditional. Maybe a little too sweet. Perhaps they even remind them of their parents’ 1980s wedding invitations.  But today’s floral invitations are very pretty and completely chic (I mean, seriously, just look at the floral archway example above).  Here are a few different trends […]
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Watercolor Wedding Invitations

One of the hottest trends in wedding invitations right now is watercolor. These invites are awash in hues highlighting the wedding’s color palette–whether vibrant or muted. Here are a few invitations that show off this trend’s versatility and beauty! The most popular types of watercolor invitations are those with abstract designs. Above, this cloud-like pattern […]
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Neon Wedding Invitations

When brights just aren’t quite bright enough, there’s nowhere to go but neons! These vibrant, playful palettes are modern and fun and filled with just the right amount of party-friendly kitsch. Neon pink and yellow is one of our favorite combos. It pairs really well with the ever-popular Kraft paper. Above, the confetti print makes […]
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Modern Save the Dates & Invitations from MagnetStreet

You know those awesome e-session photos you love so much? Why wouldn’t you use them for your save the date? After all, you labored over selecting a photographer, wardrobe choices, and setting. Show off the results of all of those careful decisions! With MagnetStreet, you can design a thoroughly modern save the date by using […]
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Cute Bridal Shower Invitations from Wedding Paper Divas

Cute Bridal Shower Invitations from Wedding Paper Divas

bridal shower invite featuring engagement session photo

For months you’ve been listening to your engaged friend’s wedding plans. In fact, it has even caused you to suffer from a slight case of party planning envy.  Now’s your chance to have fun selecting a theme and choosing decor. Set the mood with the perfect bridal shower invitation for your party from Wedding Party Divas.

Above, a modern and simple option is using a cute photo of your friend from her engagement session. Paired with this sleek font, it’s a winner for a gathering of young, trendy women!

gray bridal shower invitation with floral and vine details

Will your friend’s shower have a definite color palette?  We love this gray invite above with floral and vine details. This would be excellent for a vintage or garden-themed bridal shower.

invitation for brunch bridal shower with champagne

Having a problem deciding on a theme?  Build the shower around a specific time of day.  The advantages of a brunch shower (above) include an easy menu to execute and the party being over in time for date night!

Host the party mid-afternoon so that you can plan a ladylike tea party (below). Serve small bites, finger sandwiches, and desserts. You can go in so many directions, from the whimsy of Alice in Wonderland to the sophistication of Downton Abbey.

tea time bridal shower invitation featuring two illustrated teacups

Or theme the party around what type of gifts the bride could use most. For example, if she is fresh out of grad school and hasn’t ever had a real kitchen of her own, she might appreciate a gadget-themed shower like the invite below.

kitchen bridal shower invitation with illustration of utensils

Go to Wedding Paper Divas to find more bridal shower invites!

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Creating Wedding Invitations: 5 Details to Remember

Creating Wedding Invitations: 5 Details to Remember

simple wedding invitaions in elegant calligraphy

After the venue has been confirmed, the dress has been ordered and the guest list maxed out, comes the wedding invitations. Invitations set the tone and theme for your wedding and with the expansive amount of resources that brides and grooms have access to today, anything is possible. Below are a couple things to keep in mind when choosing or designing your invitations. Remember, almost all rules of wedding planning are flexible, so figure out what style and theme you want to go with and what you want to communicate in your invitations and create a piece unique to you and your big day!

Vintage blue wedding invitation suite with blue accents

  1. Style and Personality

This is the first formal touch-point with wedding guests. If save-the-dates were sent out, it’s likely they were created before the two of you really knew what your wedding style was going to be. Your wedding invitations will represent who you are as a couple. Are you a modern, elegant, eccentric, rustic, whimsical, or perhaps a free spirited bride and groom radiating with boho chic style? Let your invitations reflect that! First impressions matter so add some charm and character in your wedding invitations to get guests excited for the big day.

  1. Formality on the Big Day

Weddings are becoming less about ceremonial traditions and more about self-expression and individuality. Weddings can be very formal, very casual or fall somewhere in between. The wedding invitation is a good place to hint at (or to flat out tell your guests) how formal your big day is going to be. This will give wedding guests a heads up on whether they should plan on wearing a tuxedo and ball gown or just some nice slacks and a summer dress. Some helpful cues (i.e. black tie affair, maritime casual) can discreetly fit onto your invitations to help guests know how to dress.

Carnival and game themes wedding invitations and paper goods

  1. Acknowledging the Host

Traditionally the names of the bride’s parents appear on the wedding invitation, especially if they were the largest contributors to the weddings costs. Nowadays it totally depends on the couple. Sometimes both families contribute and sometimes neither family contributes. The topic of whose names should appear on the wedding invitation should be discussed between the engaged couple and then discussed with the parents – you might be surprised how much or how little it means to them to have their name on the invitation.

  1. Timeline for the Wedding

When you send out wedding invites let guests know if the ceremony and reception are taking place in the same location or different locations. Depending on whether the ceremony and the reception are held at the same venue there could be a long intermission period between the time of the ceremony and the time of the reception. Knowing ahead of time allows guests to decide whether they can make it to all of the wedding celebrations, part of the wedding, or will have to regretfully decline.

Pink and orange watercolor floral wedding invitations

           5. Sending Out Your Wedding Invitations

Before stuffing the envelopes, tying twine around all 250 invitations and slapping on all the postage stamps make sure to bring a sample to the post office for a test-run. The post office will help you determine how much it’s going to cost to send out each invitation and if each one fits within the size requirements. Keep in mind that unique, square-shaped invitations will require a little more postage. Also, if you have invitations that are bumpy or bulky you will want to inquire about ‘hand canceling’, a process in which the envelopes are stamped by hand rather than being passed through machines. This generally prevents the invitations from getting caught in the machine and being damaged.


Setting up a wedding website is another option to help open up communication with guests and to fill them in on details and pertinent information about the big day. They can even match your wedding invitations and be a fun little memento after the big day has passed. Let your personality and uniqueness shine through your wedding invitations – don’t forget, this should be fun!


Retro wedding invitation theme with gold accents

Lively and colorful wedding invitations, perfect for a garden themed wedding.

Mountain themed wedding invitations with neutral colors

Neutral wedding invitations in calligraphy with ribbon

Elegant lace wedding invitations with wax stamp monogram

Rustic and vintage wedding invitation design with handwritten calligraphy.

Playful yellow and blue chevron wedding invitations

Navy blue and peach wedding invitations

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