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Trending Rose Gold Engagement Rings for Every Bride

From rose gold engagement rings to the rosy metallic finish on the latest smartphones, it’s clear that this rich gold tone is popular.  If you’re in the mood to drool over some gorgeous engagement rings, here are 10 modern options. Modern Meets Art Deco Brides with delicate features often look for a beautiful engagement ring […]
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10 Trending Spring Wedding Ideas

Looking for inspiration for your springtime event? We’ve found 10 terrific spring wedding ideas to excite and inspire! 1. Lighthearted Wedding Invites Some wedding themes, such as the incredibly popular “woodland” event, can work with every season. What changes about these themes is the color palette and surrounding details. We love the “foxy” example above […]
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Trending Floral Accessories

Flowers and weddings go together like love and marriage. During the spring and summer seasons, the flowers in a wedding always seem to get bigger and bolder. We’ve put together a collection of trending floral accessories that have nothing to do with the bouquet and everything to do with wedding prettiness. Starting with the floral […]
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Trending Wedding Table Number Ideas

When it comes to wedding table decor, the magic is definitely in the details. From place cards to votive holders, the tiniest things can have a tremendous impact on your decor.  Table numbers don’t just direct guests where to sit, they also can add a bit of oomph to the tablescape around them. Here are […]
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9 Trending Table Runners for Weddings

9 Trending Table Runners for Weddings

There is nothing we love more than a well put together tablescape. This go-to table adornment adds instant class to any type of wedding theme.  Whether you are going for a backyard rustic feel or an upscale glamorous event, we’ve collected the perfect table runner for every bride’s style. Scroll through these 9 gorgeous themes to find the perfect tablescape theme for your big day!

Black & White Striped Table Runners


Black and white paired with pink and gold are a winning combination for modern weddings. The tablescape above is the perfect representation of how this color palette shines. Especially with that big bold centerpiece. Another option is to choose the more muted route (bottom right) and to keep the gold very understated wit a touch of pale pink floral arrangements. Either way, the combination of classic and feminine is wonderful.

BW3  BW1

For formal affairs, we are loving the all black and white tablescape (above left). It’s minimal sophistication is absolutely eye-catching. Plus, the napkins folded to look like little bow ties are just adorable. Below is a black and white table runner that is used in a more rustic sense. The berries and succulents in the centerpieces really bring out the golden wood-like plate chargers to create an outdoor and charming feel.


Lace Table Runners


Seen mostly on wooden tables, lace table runners exude romance and can be paired with almost any table decor. They are sweet and feminine without having to add too many additional frills to the table.  White lace is a wedding go-to and it’s easy to see why. Paired with your wedding colors and some candles and you have an instant wedding wonderland. Lace table runners are a top choice for rustic or vintage themed weddings.

Lace1  Lace2

From day to night or inside to outside, lace table runners are the perfect choice for your wedding. They can come in all widths and patterns to accommodate the feel of your big day without being overwhelming.


Bright Table Runners


Not for the faint of heart, these bright table runners really add some pizzazz to your table decor. They easily command the attention and will keep your guests feeling happy and uplifted.

Bright table runners are an excellent choice for Southwest themed weddings. The wooden plate chargers (above) or the green of the succulents (bottom left) really bring out the bright hues in the best possible way.

Bright1  Bright3

In two different shades of orange, the tablescape (above right) is representative of a stunning Indian wedding paired with fresh fruit and bold pinks. The rug and pillows make it even more inviting. Below, the creamsicle orange table runner is matched with like sorbet colored flowers and linens creating a fun, fairy tale feel.


Sequin Table Runners


If NYE is your favorite holiday and champagne is your drink of choice, then we’ve found the perfect table runners for you. These sequined beauties are all sparkle and shine!   In our mind, gold and sequins go together like cake and ice cream. Whether they are paired with an emerald green (above) to create a regal look or accented with soft pinks and bows, sequin table runners are a jaw dropping table accessory that resemble a work of art.

Sequin2  Sequin4

Let the sequins speak for themselves. No need to go overboard on the flowers or dishware – your guests will be immediately drawn to their seats where they will share love, laughs and memories.


Romantic Table Runners

Romance1  Romance2

We all know that weddings are one of the most romantic times that a couple shares together, why not let your table decor show that?  From flowing tulle and long ribbons, the table runners above are great for intimate sweetheart tables. Below, these romantic table runners are all about the vintage. From the stunning chandelier to the Shakespeare in Love theme, a couple can choose to show their romantic side any way they choose.

Romance3  Romance4

Floral Table Runners

The Nichols

Probably one of my favorite table runner trends, these floral beauties are breathtaking. From the everlasting eucalyptus to the overflowing petals, it’s hard not to fall head over heels for these stunning installations.

Flower3  Flower1

If you want to keep your floral table runner more condensed, try something like the one below. It adds all the color and dimension of the flowers without overwhelming the darling details of the plates and glassware. Plus, jewel tones are definitely a wedding trend we’ll be seeing more of this year.


Chevron Table Runners


Chevron is a trend that is here to stay – and we aren’t mad about it. Use it to add a splash of color like the teal table runner above or go for the gold! Whether these table runners are used on a long community table or a short sweetheart table, the chevron stripes add length and elegance to every event.

Chevron2  Chevron3

In the photo below, the navy chevron table runner gives off a nautical and preppy feel. Paired with baby’s breath and blue hydrangeas, this is a wedding that we wish we had an invitation to.


Rustic Table Runners


When you see long picnic style benches and string lights, you know that you are attending a rustic themed affair. The simplicity of the white linen table runner (above) is the perfect complement to an already beautiful tablescape.

Rustic2  Rustic3

Burlap and wood are two other signs that you and your beau are fans of bringing the outdoors in. Tying the burlap with a twine bow (above left) helps to remove any harsh contrast that the burlap would have against the white table cloth. And of course, nothing says ‘woodsy’ like moss. This turf-like table runner below is a great example of how to incorporate Mother Nature’s elements into your tablescape.


DIY Table Runners


From relatively easy to master crafty, these DIY table runners are a Pinterest addicts dream. Creating the photograph table runner (above left) will take time but will be well worth all your hard work. Use copied photos from your own family album or create a collection of iconic brides that inspire you. Also a timely craft, the string board table runner (above right) is truly unique and something your guests will be sure to be talking about long after your wedding day.

For those who want to add a touch of homemade decor without spending too much time with a glue gun, consider these bright paper flowers (below left) or monogramming white linens with your soon-to-be last initial!


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Now Trending | Naked Wedding Cakes

Now Trending | Naked Wedding Cakes

What’s not to love about these gorgeous wedding day desserts? Whether you’re having a rustic backyard ceremony, saying your vows in a dreamy vineyard or hosting an elegant and sophisticated affair, these naked cakes are versatile and, most importantly, delicious. It’s time to skip the fondant or butter cream and opt for a more unique and modern twist on the traditional wedding cake. Here are 10 remarkable naked wedding cakes that bare it all for the sake of love.

Garden Glory

Garden Glory: Decorated with gorgeous sprigs and herbs, this cake is definitely a work of art. It would fit in perfectly at a boho chic wedding. | Dellizquez Custom Cakes

Red Velvet

Red Velvet: Most definitely a fan favorite, this classic flavor is shown off in all it’s splendor. The vibrant color and triumphant height is sure to make your guests ooh and ahh. | Cupcakes to Cupcakes


Layers of flavors: Who says you have to choose just one? This cake really has it all! It was made to please even the pickiest of eaters with a slice of heaven for everyone. | Momofuku Milk Bar

Berry Naked Cake

Berry Delicious: Full of fruit and flavor, this wedding cake was made for an outdoor afternoon wedding. It is a combination sweetness and freshness that your guests won’t be able to pass up. | photo by Anna Hardy & cake by Petal-á-Pot


Two Tier: This might be the cutest of all the cakes in this round-up but it is definitely not one to skip over. Small but mighty, this would be perfect for an engagement party or bridal shower. | Amy Anaiz Photography


Perfect Pomegranates: Simple and refined, this naked wedding cake is such a stunning masterpiece that we can’t help but to stare.  | Michelle’s Patisserie


Funfetti: Channel your inner child with this fun take on a wedding day classic. It’s just one of those cakes that is begging to be shared with old friends. | CakeWalk Bake Shop


Pretty in Powder: Want the style of a naked cake but still dreaming of a white wedding? This cake is perfect for you. It meets you halfway while still maintaining a chic and sophisticated look. | Rooney Girl Bake Shop


Charming Chocolate: We couldn’t have made this list without including this glorious chocolate wonder, it pretty much speaks for itself. And can you believe that this cake was actually made by the bride’s friend?! | Amy Bosker


Gold & Glitter: From the overflowing icing to the jaw dropping cake topper, this engagement cake is the perfect dessert for a small gathering of friends and family. | Arrow & Apple Photography



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