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Silver Bridesmaid Dresses You’ll Love

Love the metallic bridesmaid dress trend?  Let your gal pals shine in one of these silver bridesmaid dresses! Silver-On-Gray Double the impact of your silver bridesmaid dresses when you find a dress that layers silver embroidery on top of a gray dress. Sparkling Sophistication For real silver power, go all-sequins, such as with this strapless […]
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The Cutest Flower Girl Ideas You’ll See This Year

When it comes to adorable, flower-toting children, we don’t mess around. From the sweetest dresses to the best tips for flower girl management, the flower girl ideas and inspiration in our brand new magazine pretty much take the cake. Here are some gorgeous behind the scenes photos from Michele Hart Photography to hold you over […]
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17 Fondant Wedding Cakes You’ll Love (We Promise!)

Somehow in the vintage wedding craze of the last five years, fondant wedding cakes fell out of favor (understandably, the topsy turvy cake craze of the early 2000s may be to blame).  Sure, swirls of buttercream are delightful, but we also love the smooth glassiness of a fondant confection. Here are 17 pictures of wedding […]
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Stackable Wedding Bands You’ll Love Collecting

Stackable Wedding Bands You’ll Love Collecting

stacked wedding bands and soliaire engagement ring

It’s not every day we see a trend that sends us into a serious case of envy…but today is one of those days. It started with the Bachelor (doesn’t everything? Sorry, maybe that’s just us), or rather, a former Bachelorette whose collection of piled-on ring finger adornments can only be described as extensive and turned into an all-out search for all of the stackable wedding rings. All of them. The search crossed Pinterest and Instagram and wandered through Ideas before we finally decided that we had a roundup suitable for sharing (although we had to cut out approximately 23 rings because there is, actually, such a thing as too many stacked wedding rings after all. A girl’s ring finger is only so big.).

Engaged gals, point your significant others in this direction. These stack-worthy wedding bands are some kind of wonderful.

baguette stackable wedding band

1. Baguette Wedding Band: This ring was one of the first to catch our eye. Wear it alone, wear it with your engagement ring, or wear it with your favorite combination of simple or diamond-packed bands. It’s perfect for ever occasion.

traditional engraved wedding bands

2. Engraved Wedding Bands: These traditional wedding bands are the perfect contrast to any more elaborate rings you’re looking to stack. The addition of an engraved message on the inside of the rings is a sweet touch for either of you to include.

fishtail patterned wedding band

3. Fishtail Pattern Ring: The texture of this ring adds a cool and contemporary feel to the piece and the tiny diamond gives it just the right amount of sparkle.

pink sapphire wedding band

4. Pink Sapphire Ring: Like so many other wedding-related details, there’s no rule saying your ring has to fit any traditional color molds. These pink sapphires are a great way to dip your toes in off-white color options without feeling like you’re diving headfirst into a non-traditional color palette.

sapphire wedding band

5. Sapphire Wedding Band: Another color option for the non-traditional bride, this easy-to-stack ring can also double for a subtle “something blue.”

champagne diamond pave wedding ring

6. Champagne Diamond Ring: The almost-ombre effect of this rose gold eternity band is stunning for a modern collection of wedding rings.

baguette and round diamond wedding band

7. French Baguette Eternity Band: This vintage-inspired diamond eternity band features French-cut baguette diamonds alongside round cut diamonds and handcrafted settings, making for an antique ring that will stand out in any stack.

diamond filigree wedding band

8. Diamond Filigree Ring: One more for the vintage crowd, this delicate ring is made with conflict-free diamonds and adds geometric interest to a jewelry collection.

white gold and diamond wedding bands

9. White Gold Stacked Rings: This one’s easy — we’ll take one of each, please.

Black diamond wedding ring

10. Black Diamond Band: A speckled, black diamond wedding band like this one would be the perfect complement for a diamond engagement ring in any shade. We’re thinking it would be especially pretty, however, alongside a raw diamond.

braided wedding band

11. Braided Rose Gold Ring: This braided band is proof that a ring doesn’t need diamonds to earn a spot in the stack.

Tiffany wedding band

12. Tiffany Wedding Band: Because we could hardly put together a roundup of rings without at least looking into the options from this iconic store. Also, this ring is gorgeous. Definitely on the statement-making side, but gorgeous.

wavy gold and diamond wedding band

13. Thick Wavy Diamond Ring: Simple, unique and organic in look and feel, this wavy, stackable wedding band is ideal for eclectic and earthy types with a penchant for twig-inspired jewelry.

stackable yellow gold ring

14. Thin Wedding Band: A dainty handmade ring like this one would look great in the middle of a grouping of your favorite yellow gold bands. The detailing also makes it look like two separate bands already stacked together.

stackable diamond wedding band

15. Diamond Wedding Band: Let’s end on a classic note. This diamond and rose gold wedding band is elegant and extra-sparkly and we’d really like to pile about three of them up next to each other — maybe even forgoing the traditional engagement ring altogether.

Have you succumbed to envy, too? Which rings would you include in your dream stack?

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Simple Wedding Rings You’ll Love

Simple Wedding Rings You’ll Love

simple and nontraditional wedding bands for women

Tis’ the season… engagement season that is! Friends and strangers left and right are getting engaged. Married, single or seriously dating, we all experience a rush of emotions as we see our social media news feeds fill with manicured hands adorned with gorgeous engagement rings. We “ooh” and “ahh” while we fall in love with diamonds, gems, and gold… oh my!

Working for a wedding company, this infatuation with gorgeous engagement rings is experienced tenfold and when I was engaged I found myself staring at my ring more than I would like to admit. Let’s face it, as humans we are wired to completely melt in the face of sparkle. Basically, sparkly equals beautiful – and, around the office here, engagement season is an exciting time! However, in the midst of all this excitement there is a new trend beginning to surface that makes me smile inside. I’m talking about the especially beautiful and ultra-simple wedding ring.

While big and sparkly is no doubt stunning, the simple and delicate wedding rings that have been gaining popularity have completely wooed me. The simple wedding ring is elegant and nontraditional, capturing just enough attention to make my heart flutter.

Bigger is not always better — we’ve been told that our whole lives. And how many times has that played true for you? My guess is more than once and it is also true when we talk about wedding rings. Below are some of our favorite simple wedding rings. These rings are absolutely gorgeous and great options for those looking to break away from the mold.

simple gold nontraditional wedding ring

gold stacked wedding bands

delicate wedding ring for women

Unique and simple wedding ring

gold wedding ring with non traditional gem

non traditional tear drop wedding ring for women

simple knot wedding ring

simple emerald wedding ring

Keep in mind as you browse engagement rings, the ring that ends up on your finger doesn’t win over your heart because of the style, cut, color, size, detail… It’s because the giver of the ring stole your heart long before the ring was placed on your finger. How do you know if you got the right ring? You know because it came from the right person.

Cheers to engagement season! Enjoy the adventure!

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