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Andrea and Nicholas’s Wedding – Short Film

What a beautiful day. What a beautiful couple. What a beautiful way to celebrate their marriage. I had a lot of fun hanging out with these two… they are a …

25 Responses to “Andrea and Nicholas’s Wedding – Short Film”

  1. Reece Robson says:

    Andrea and Nicholas’s Wedding – Short Film
    Andrea and Nicholas’s Wedding – Short Film


    waouh i love your video.. do you film in FULL HD 1920×1080.. if yes there
    isn’t problem for slow video.. thank you so much

  3. Austin VVandasan says:

    This is beautiful. I hope to have a wedding like this (;

  4. silvella christa says:

    What the song in this video?? Congratulations!! :D

  5. My Wedding Concierge says:

    Gorgeous video, and the bride looks stunning!

  6. missflanagak says:

    Love it how the wedding ceremony was focused around Christ – in case anyone
    missed it….when the chalice is held up that represents Christs blood
    which he shed on the cross for you and me = that is how strong LOVE is :)

  7. Monika Savova says:

    This make me cry… Its so beautiful and perfect. Congratulations! <3

  8. Sarah Ng says:


  9. Fantassy Sanchez says:

    Omgsh those dresses are Absolutely amazing , The brides dress Wow

  10. ElectrikkPaperClipxx says:

    that dress is perfection

  11. Magalie Bravo says:

    this is beautiful!

  12. akram wahba says:


  13. pinkdungeondragon says:

    It’s Hunter Hayes wanted, but a different cover….

  14. Irvan Wahyudi says:

    so beautiful! great job :)

  15. Claire Schomaker says:


  16. Livia Grunda says:

    The most perfect wedding video I have ever seen! Congrats! :)

  17. Sydney Caudill says:

    Cincinnati! <3 

  18. judy yang says:


  19. Kristen Hughes says:

    That priest officiated a friend of ours’ wedding at Mt. Adams and he was
    WONDERFUL! Congratulations! :)

  20. lilianmaria wambui says:

    very beautiful

  21. pacificsunchic09 says:

    I LOVE her hair! Is there any way possible that I could somehow find her
    photographer or something so I could get a picture of her hair! I have a
    bridal trial tomorrow for my wedding updo and I would love to try to do an
    updo like hers!

  22. Lucy Shiro says:

    hope to have a wedding one day, i believe God hears our heart desires n it
    shall happen some day…

  23. dreamchaserlim says:

    love her wedding dress


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