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Jackie and Michael’s Wedding Film: Gurney’s Inn

Family, friends, and promising myself to the person I love. The perfect backdrop for the perfect day. I hope you enjoy our wedding film. Watch Michael’s Proposal to Jackie:…
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25 Responses to “Jackie and Michael’s Wedding Film: Gurney’s Inn”

  1. Kailey Qucsai says:

    beautiful, you should post more videos of you and jackie !!!

  2. Thembakazi Majozi says:

    Is it my eyes or she looks older than him?

  3. Barbie WeddingJM says:


  4. Allenda Simpson says:

    ..and. Did you find yourself directing shots, or were you able to relax and
    let someone else do the work for you? (Smile)

  5. Mera Steav says:

    The cutest couple ever but I thint Micheal need to love her more (that’s my

  6. Shannon Burke says:

    I’m happy for u guys , I cried. 

  7. blinko656 says:

    Nice job!! 

  8. Murdock Wedding Videos says:

    Beautiful video! Inspired me with my wedding videography for sure!

  9. Daniel Kottnauer says:

    Oh, and I liked the couples’ shining white teeth. Quite envious!

  10. angel trhix says:

    I love the song… Whats the title?

  11. Kar Vel says:

    and montauk. they must be ghetto

  12. Jessi :) says:

    somehow seeing this i believe those two can make it, stay together forever 

  13. Daniel Kottnauer says:

    Great filming, but why did the couple have to read their lines at the
    wedding ceremony? It sounded very stilted and didn’t sound as natural as
    when one speaks freely and looks into each others’ eyes…

  14. PizziFilms says:

    Fantastic job!
    for the speech towards at the beginning, did you have a lav attached to the
    man? if not, how was it done?

  15. lukesuperflyjones says:

    The Wedding film is fantastic! Such an inspiration very well done! I also
    film weddings and I was curious if you had to get a license for the songs
    that you chose? 

  16. Kar Vel says:

    who the hell are jackie and michael

  17. Catharina Pink says:

    Very nice! Love the Vows.

  18. Sebastien Inigo says:

    Hello congrats for the video i love! I have a question how do you do for
    record the speech? The sound is very clean. Zoom? Rode? Thank you very much
    and congratulation. 

  19. TheDrewMull says:

    Hey great job! What equipment did you use? More specifically what did you
    use for sound? Thanks! 

  20. rockstarmanboss says:

    Jackie and Michael’s Wedding Film 2: The divorce

  21. Neringa Talackiene says:


  22. Mera Steav says:

    The cutest couple ever but I think that Micheal need to love her more
    (that’s my opinion) 

  23. Robert Mecaj says:

    Great video production. Wish the couple the best in their life.

  24. Ila Shukla says:

    damn the guy is hot.

  25. Ariba Mirza says:

    I live and love San Diego


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